Tell the FTC: Give us a National Registry to Halt Data Broker Abuse

Data Brokers hoard intimate personal information on all of us, then sell it to anyone who will pay. The Federal Trade Commission should help us reject this dangerous and abusive business model with a do not call registry for data brokers!

Have you ever googled yourself, only to discover your home address, cell phone, legal names for generations of your family, and more on dozens of websites? 

That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Data brokers are making a killing with our private information, buying data from the apps and websites we use, scraping social media, exploiting our rental and mortgage and banking applications, and more. They sell this data to anyone who wants to pay, even offering some of it for free to lure in customers without anyone’s consent. This is dangerous. Even free data like a loved one’s home address and phone number can put them at risk. 

Doxxing is the act of publicly providing personally identifiable information about an individual or organization, usually via the Internet and without their consent. Doxxing is done to enable direct harassment. It is a form of abuse, and it is the entire business model of these corporations. 

On the surface, abuse survivors, activists, journalists, as well as civil servants like poll workers and librarians are all harmed by this “doxxing” business model. Worse, behind closed doors and on premium tiers, data brokers share even more intimate details, like who visits Planned Parenthood or details on military personnel & veterans net worth, home address, geolocation, and children.

These massive troves of non-consensual personal information make everyone vulnerable to hacking, stalking, discrimination, and scams—including AI scams. They are a direct path to harm hundreds of millions of people, and it can be nearly impossible to stop data brokers from selling information on us or our loved ones.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the authority to stop all of this. All they need to do is create an opt-out system like their National Do Not Call Registry and tell data brokers to stop selling information on anyone who registers—a system just like everyone in California will get in 2026.

That’s it. That’s the whole plan. It’s deceptively simple, and behind the scenes there is real enthusiasm for this idea. What we need now is to pressure the FTC to make it happen!

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Federal Trade Commission:
Create a Do Not Call Registry to Stop Data Brokers Now!

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Dear FTC Commissioners,

We call on you to defend hundreds of millions of Americans from the abusive business practices of data brokers. The vast majority of people do not want sensitive personal information that can be used to harm and harass us publicly listed and sold across the internet. Yet, there are over 500 data broker websites to opt-out from, and if you opt out once, data brokers will just put your information up again when they find it elsewhere.

Like Californians, who will receive a data broker opt-out option in 2026, everyone in the US deserves a one-click opt out to tell these data brokers to stop putting us and our loved ones in danger for profit. And we need it quickly, before AI supercharges both data broker-enabled scams and the bulk collection of sensitive personal data for brokers to exploit.

Just as you gave us a tool to protect ourselves by creating the National Do Not Call Registry to combat telemarketers and robocalls, we ask you now to do the same for data brokers. Whether we are poll workers, librarians, civil servants, abuse survivors, activists, veterans, journalists, or just someone who values the privacy of our home, we urge you to act with haste and give us the tools we need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


The Undersigned

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